Wednesday, June 1, 2011


From Swazi Uprising blog

31 May 2011


The Struggle Continues

It has been more than a month now since Swazis came out in their numbers to shake their tiny state. World citizens from as far away as China were suddenly interested in the politics of the previously obscure country.

Despite having put the country on the globe, the members of the movement have always been hungry for more. Having chosen to always walk hand in hand with organised labour, that colossal shield of organised human beings, they awaited with their breath held, for the moment to arrive when they would all go back to the streets.

Much to their joy the Swaziland Teachers’ Association has declared that it will close all schools from the 1st of June and take to the streets to protest against the salary cuts that the government is attempting to impose on them.

The movement is now completely aware that the teachers, and all unions, have no limitations in their true demands. However, for legal purposes, they cannot divulge that their true ambition is that which all Swazis hold dear, complete democracy.

It has been a torturous 38 years with this ill-conceived “experiment, known as Tinkhundla.

This vile, evil and imbecilic political system is well and truly over. Eldridge Cleaver’s words put it best, “We are just swimming in its carcass, live little larvae.

The system has consumed itself and its putrid smell has rendered its owners insane. They are running around fighting each other, hoping that we might still allow them a little more time to revive this dead donkey.

As of June 1, the country will be ungovernable until the government dissolves itself and a transition government is elected to lead the country while we craft a new dispensation for our children and all future generations.

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