Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Public servants in Swaziland have said they will take to the streets and cause ‘social instability’ if government forces pay cuts on them.

Vincent Dlamini, Secretary General of the National Public Service and Allied Workers Unions (NAPSAWU),was reacting to a statement from Majozi Sithole, Swazi Finance Minister, that the government had run out of cash and unless it got a loan from somewhere it would not be able to pay salaries in July (2011). At best, he said government might be able to pay only half wages.

Dlamini said this news would not sit well with civil servants and would force them to take to the streets if they would earn half of their salaries or if there are any forced cuts.

The Times of Swaziland reported Dlamini saying, ‘Our position is clear that we do not want the pay cuts because we believe that we are not to blame for the current situation. Government must not threaten the civil servants because these pay cuts especially on low earners will lead them to take to the streets.

‘I have spoken to many of our members and they are fully opposed to the pay cuts because they have many commitments. They must not dare touch those salaries,’ he said.

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