Monday, June 27, 2011


30 July 2011 - set that date in your diary. It’s when Sikhuphe International Airport will be completed.

Who says so? None other than Swaziland’s Deputy Prime Minister, Themba Masuku.

Masuku told the Swazi media that the airport would be completed ‘in 40 days’. He said this on 20 June 2011, so that makes C (for completion)-Day, 30 July 2011.

Masuku and Swazi Cabinet cronies were inspecting the site to see how work was getting on. The Times of Swaziland reported him saying.

He told the Times, ‘It is important that we keep a close eye on the constructors to work at a reasonable pace in constructing the airport.’

He went on, ‘Right now the amount of work that has been done here is satisfactory, and they [the contractors] have given us about 40 days before it is completed. This project will help the country, upon completion get out of the unfavourable economic situation.’

However, he didn’t explain how a project that has been estimated to have cost US$1 billion by the time all the bills are in is going to get Swaziland out of its economic mess. As I reported before there is little economic advantage to be had from the new airport and every claim the Swaziland Government and its supporters have made about the benefits to come from Sikhuphe have been proved to be false.

So, 30 July2011 it is then. What? You don’t believe it? But, the Swazi media do? But of course, they have short memories about everything. Don’t they remember that Masuku last told us the airport would be finished by June 2010 – a whole year ago?

Better keep that Champagne in the cupboard, I don’t think we’ll need it for some considerable time to come.

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