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28 June 2011


We the youth of Swaziland met on the 11th of June for a special prayer intended for the release of all our political prisoners.

As the youth we acknowledge first and foremost that all the comrades who are behind bars are there for a noble cause. We denounce the evil propaganda spread by the evil regime which seeks to portray our brothers as enemies of the state or criminals at worst .

We know for a fact that they had been arrested, tortured, humiliated and isolated for being visionary and challenging the status Quo.

Their sole crime is making the call for democratisation of Swaziland.

We therefore stand in full support of Comrades Bheki Dlamini (SWAYOCO President), Maxwell Dlamini(SNUS President), Zonke Dlamini, Musa Ngubeni and Amos Mbedzi as well as all other political prisoners. We salute you comrades for your undying spirit, sacrifices and unending love for the Swazi people.

As you remain in the closets of the enemy, we know for a fact that you’re silently shaking the pillars of Tinkhundla system.

The international community is abuzz calling for the democratisation of Swaziland. As we live true to the calling by one of ours, Comrade Didiza, who said we need to combat the enemy from all fronts, sooner than you would have thought, Tinkhundla shall be history.

On that breath we want to remember and salute all youth generation that have shaped the Swazi revolution.

In particular, we remember the founding President of SWAYOCO, Comrade Didiza Tsabedze. After 15 yrs of his death, SWAYOCO still remains relevant, radical, militant, and a catalyst of the Swazi revolution.

Many generations of the youth have come and gone but it still remains that the youth are the most critical generation of every society for its transformation.

The month of June is known as the youth month throughout Africa, thanks to the gallant fight by the radical and vibrant youth of South Africa back in 1976.

In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and in many parts of the world ,the youth have wed up to their nocturnal task , stirring and changing their living conditions, socially, economically and political.

Inspired by our own comrades behind bars and the work of the youth world wide, we the youth of Swaziland declare that:

We shall reclaim our right and responsibility to be defiant, radical and militant in our cause to change our living conditions

We shall commit ourselves to uniting in diversity of all youth in Swaziland under the banner of the Swaziland Youth in Action (SYA).Unity in diversity is the essence of democracy.

We shall mobilise the Swazi society by working tirelessly from house to house, villages to towns and cities, rallying the people to stand up against the undemocratic, exploitative and resource plundering system of governance.

As the youth we remain vigilant and cautious of the capitalist and imperialist tendencies hovering around the Swazi case for democratisation. We shall not allow anyone to dictate to us how and when to fight our battle for the democratisation of our country.

To the monarch and the royal hangers on we promise you that, working with all Youth and the marginalized people of Swaziland, we will intensify the struggle against the monarch and its Tinkhundla system. This will be one action that is bound to rewrite the history of Swaziland.

Iyawulala ibonene! The ultimate aim is to be citizens in our country, own this country and be free to decide on the direction and development of our own well being.



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