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21June 2011


An Appeal to Our Uniformed Brothers and Sisters

It takes the highest level of discipline to remember who the true enemy is when we are receiving the blows of our brothers and sisters.

The only altruism however is that most members of the armed forces are part of us. Without losing focus of our goals to unseat the king Mswati dictatorship, we should always seek to appeal to the armed forces’ reasoning ability.

While it may seem ludicrous to us that the most marginalised of our brethren would choose to beat us into a pulp at such a time of crisis, we must also remember that they are brainwashed daily to be psychologically dependent on the ruling elites. They are afraid of their bosses.

Moreover, they are constantly deceived. In all corporations and businesses it is the same, security guards are always the last to know that the company has gone under and will be closed. This is because if they were not the last to know, they might neglect their duties and allow all other workers to ransack the company property.

We therefore appeal to our uniformed brothers and sisters on the grounds that the Tinkundla state is not sustainable. That in fact the Prime Minister, as their commander in chief, has withheld this information from them because he DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEM.

By the time they find out that they have been “had”, Sibusiso [Barnabas Dlamini, the Prime Minister] and company will be in New York, eating steak and fried rise or whatever menu pumps up those fat cheeks.

We are not making these appeals because we are afraid. No, we are making them because we are conscious human beings. Had this not been the case, we would have eliminated them by now. It is easy.

However, this would have served no one else but the dictator himself. For, by maiming each other we only weaken ourselves. And our unity at such an important stage of our struggle for emancipation is crucial.

We are therefore calling upon all armed forces: Police, the SUDF and the Correctional services, to defy all orders to remove unarmed protesters from the streets tomorrow (22 June 2011). They must show up to guide and maintain order. In particular they should remove the state-hired agent provocateurs who are always there to make sure that our protests turn violent.

Our objective is clear: We shall not leave the streets of Manzini, Freedom Square, until our demands are met. We want cabinet to step down and a transition government of our choice formed to lead the country to the first democratic elections. We also want the current constitution to be abrogated.

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