Friday, June 24, 2011


Jinty Jackson, the AFP correspondent in Swaziland writes on her blog today (24 June 2011) that her phone is bugged.

Swazi Shado

24 June 2011


It is official, my phone is bugged

At first I believed it must be some kind of mix up at the phone company. People who tried calling me when my phone was off told me they got through to someone else who said not to worry he would call me. They then heard the sound of dogs and children’s voice and he never came back on the line. Luckily it was just an old number I hardly used anyways and you sometimes hear of a phone company assigning the same number to 2 people.

Then, yesterday my editor told me it happened on my new number as well. Same guy, same story. Now, what are the chances? So, thank you MTN I certainly believe your assurances you are not helping police wiretap in Swaziland!

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