Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Swazi trade union movement is emerging as an important player in the campaign to promote democracy, good governance and the rule of law and has strengthened its capacity to lead civil society and engage with the Government on crucial issues affecting the Swazi people. The formation of the Trades Union Congress of Swaziland following a merger between the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions (SFTU) and Swaziland Federation of Labour (SFL) on 1 May 2010 has paved the way for a united trade union front vis-à-vis the Government, employers and other stakeholders.

A training and education initiative funded by the TUC (UK), under the Partnership Programme Agreement (PPA) implemented in partnership with the International Research Academy for Labour and Education (IRALE) was instrumental in raising the profile of the trade union movement in Swaziland through capacity-building. The Project has the twin objective of enhancing the ability of the Swazi trade union movement to educate, organise and represent workers, especially, in the textile, commercial and retail sectors and of building the IRALE capacity to fulfil its role more effectively and efficiently. The initiative is part of the TUC's contribution to the efforts by trade unionists in Swaziland to promote the Decent Work Agenda and Democracy. Some 282 trade union officials from 26 trade unions have so far benefited from the TUC project.

To read the full briefing paper on this initiative from the TUC, click here

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