Thursday, May 26, 2011


Swaziland is in a state of instability after Barnabas Dlamini, the kingdom’s illegally-appointed Prime Minister, took Prince Guduza, the Speaker of the House of Assembly, to court to stop a debate about the PM’s irregular land deals taking place.

Dlamini and other cabinet ministers are at the centre of a scandal in which they were allowed to buy government land at a fraction of the true price.

Dlamini succeeded in getting a High Court order to stop parliament debating the land issue and publication of a select committee report into the affair.

Now, members of parliament are calling Dlamini a bully and demanding that he quit.

Marwick Khumalo, Lomdzala MP, called Dlamini a manipulative bully driven by greed.

The Swazi Observer today (26 May 2011) reports that Khumalo said the PM had put too much value on himself. He said Dlamini was now ‘overpricing himself thinking he is the cleverest person in the country’.

Khumalo went on to say that ‘the prime minister is pointing a finger at the King’s face’, saying as MPs they would not allow that. He stated that it was a known fact that the King ordered the return of the crown land that cabinet apportioned to themselves, but Dlamini defied that order.

‘The King is like a father to all of us. We cannot just sit there and allow someone to make fun of him.’

Mkhululi Dlamini, Hhukwini MP, said Barnabas Dlamini should be suspended from the House.

Joseph Madonsela, Mafutseni MP, said ‘they were not in a position to work with the prime minister anymore’. He said they did not trust the PM, adding that he did not only take the Speaker to court but all members of the House of Assembly.

Barnabas Dlamini yesterday (25 May 2011) left Swaziland to go to Nigeria to attend the inauguration of president Goodluck Jonathan.

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