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12 May 2011


Swaziland Alert: Newspaper censored

A man has run to court to stop a newspaper from publishing a story in which he is accused of extra-marital affairs with school girls.

The unnamed director of a financial institution has obtained an interim High Court order stopping Swazi Mirror newspaper from publishing the story pending finalization of the matter.

According to a report in the daily Times of Swaziland newspaper, the man believes that story was defamatory and if published would harm his reputation.

In his court application, the man stated that on 26 April 2011 he received a telephone call from a reporter, Zweli Dlamini, informing him that the newspaper was in the process of publishing a story about him.

He said the reporter told him that the story was about him going out with school girls. He said the allegations were going to damage his social standing, hence his decision to approach the court to stop the publication of the story.

The newspaper has been ordered to respond by 3 June 2011 showing cause why the order should not be made final.

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