Monday, April 11, 2011


This statement is from the Swaziland Solidarity Network, one of the leaders in the uprising planned for tomorrow (12 April 2011).


The Time Is Now!!!

10 April 2011

Publicity for Our Uprising

There is no Swazi who does not know that the country’s authorities are in a state of panic. The authorities have themselves to blame for this. The numerous roadblocks in the country are serving only one purpose – annoying the country’s citizens.

Why bother people with endless searches when the people you want told you exactly when and where to expect them? The uprising begins on the 12th of April 2011 in the country’s major cities, Mbabane and Manzini.

With time the protests will shift towards the centre of the Capital, at the bus rank. This is where Swazis will bury the current system of governance. It is a revolution, a shift from one system to another.

Guarding Against Complacency

When Barack Obama was running for the post of president of the United State of America, he knew that despite the fact that the polls had indicated that he would win, people could easily let that win slip away by being complacent. As a result he went out of his way to tell people to “Get out the vote”.

This is because he knew the nature of people. When people see positive statistics, they relax and reason that: “Since we will win, anyway, then there is no need to go out and vote.” This is a mistake. If all people think that way then no one will come out to vote and we shall lose.

Hence sometimes, it is better for polls to predict a narrow loss, as that galvanises people to go out and vote. For us, the situation is trickier. More Swazis would come out were it not for intimidation.

A Peaceful Protest

Despite his threats, the Prime Minister, Sibusiso Dlamini, knows very well that he will not issue out an order for people to be beaten up. He knows this only too well. The world’s focus is on us today. Killing innocent protesters will turn an April fool joke into a reality (A newspaper foolishly reported that the Pm and king would be tried for crimes against humanity at The Hague).

If this became a reality, the two could be tried and returned to the country where they could face the wrath of their own laws. Like Saddam Hussein, they could be beheaded alongside David Simelane, whom they are rumoured to have sent to kill all those innocent women.

Come out in your numbers, Swazis. We beseech you. There is no other time than now. Wherever you are on this planet, come out and protest against this evil system. We will only win if we work hard and get out the protest.

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