Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This report from Eyewitness News on South Africa’s Talk Radio 702 covers the arrests of journalists in Swaziland today (12 April 2011). It also says that Mary Pais de Silva has been arrested.

It was broadcast at 2pm local time today (12 April 2011).

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Anonymous said...

Its very easy to block the protest in Swaziland not to carry on. The political party leaders are arrested and the supporters are scared to face the face the huge influx of the Army and police force. Swaziland is different now and its just a matter of time they whole Swazi citizens stop attending any Swaziland traditionally ceremonies. The Royal family under King Mswati and since the 1600's they have done nothing to help better SWAZILAND but have contributed to the failures of the Kingdom by stealing the profits of the Swaziland resources in securing deals made with England through the TIBIYO Takangwane. Its time the majority of Swaziland picked sides and not attend any Royal family functions. They have starved the Swazi communities,we still live in HUTS, poor housing conditions with no electricity, clean water since the 1600's DELIBERATELY controlled by the present ROYAL family. I say Swazi citizens should'nt be afraid they should stand up for the rights and put more pressure; if the police or army shot us we should fight back becuase thats the only way we can get our freedom after all these REGIMES do not want to leave peacefully.