Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Swaziland’s Police Commissioner Isaac Magagula, says an underground group is hiding in the forest, ready to overthrow Swaziland’s government.

Fantasy! Says the Swaziland Solidarity Network in this statement issued today (12 April 2011).



12th April 2011

The Police Commissioner, Isaac “Mafindvofindvo” Magagula, yesterday told the Times of Swaziland that the police had uncovered plans by an underground group of people hiding in forests waiting to take over the country.

Whatever it is that might have been uncovered by the police, we would like to wish them all the luck in apprehending the people involved. We are worried, however, that they have actually gone on and publicly warned these culprits that their plan has been uncovered. These are unintelligent tactics.

Of course, after reading between the lines, it is easy to see just how ludicrous this whole fairy tale is. It is either the Police Commissioner added some marijuana in his muti while steaming yesterday or he is simply attempting to detract the public from the main issue at the moment, which is that Swazis are on the streets publicly confronting the oppressive regime.

The only person that is widely believed to use underhanded tactics is the police commissioner himself. Perhaps he should spend time explaining to the public why many senior police chiefs, who were in direct competition with him for the post of police commissioner, died in mysterious circumstances immediately prior to his being appointed into his post.

Issued by The Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN]

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