Monday, April 11, 2011


Times of Swaziland

11 April 2011


Govt runs to court, wants to stop march

MBABANE- The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has decided to take labour unions to court to seek an order stopping them from protesting tomorrow, the Times of Swaziland, the only independent newspaper in Swaziland reports.

Minister of Labour Patrick Magobotane Mamba said the decision to go the legal route was taken after the two parties failed to reach common ground during a meeting last week.

He said the labour unions representatives clearly stated during the meeting that they would continue with the planned march as they believe it is lawful.

"During the meeting we asked them to follow the right procedures of writing to us before a march or a protest is held but they refused and we told them that the best way is to seek legal recourse and the court will be the best to decide who is wrong or right," he said. He said another concern they raised to the representatives was the date of the march which falls on a day where there are rumours of an uprising in the country.

"The matter is being handled by the office of the Attorney General and the labour unions might be served with the court papers today," he said.

He said the meeting however did not continue as planned as the labour unions representatives told them that they have been summoned to meet Liqoqo.

He said during the meeting on the April 8 he had called all the officials from the various ministries to explain to them what was being done to rectify some of the issues raised which fall under their ministries.

Mamba said he was still willing to meet with the representatives of the labour unions at any time.

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