Friday, April 8, 2011


The Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) is holding a public rally in Johannesburg on Sunday (10 April 2011) to mark the group’s first anniversary and to support the current campaigns for freedom in the kingdom.


Public Rally: Sunday morning (10 April 2011) at 10.00am at the Civic Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, to be addressed by:

The 2nd Deputy President, COSATU-Zingiswa Losi
Secretary General, Swaziland United Democratic Front-Mduduzi Gina
International Officer, SAMWU and SDC South Africa Chapter Coordinator-Stephen Faulkner

In a statement SDC says, ‘The Swazi Royal Elite and the Regime has been embroiled in the worst economic crisis that has faced Swaziland for more than a generation, and one that has been intrinsically linked to the chronic corruption and greed of the ruling elite.

‘Meanwhile, the people of Swaziland continue to be increasingly impoverished and are amongst the most deprived peoples of our continent despite the lavish lifestyles of their so-called leaders. State repression of democratic activists has continued unabated, and the use of spurious and draconian legislation to curtail fundamental human rights has escalated. The Swazi regime has turned Swaziland into a pariah state. The ILO, Amnesty International and a whole host of human and civil rights organisation have exposed the nature of King Mswati’s rule, as his hangers-on squabble amongst themselves for their share of the dubious rewards of sycophancy.

‘On the other hand, democratic forces on the ground have been growing in confidence and have shown their willingness to mobilise against the mismanagement of the economy, and the appalling human rights record of the discredited self appointed government. Trade unionists, student and community organisations, faith based organisations and a very broad range of civil society organisations have redoubled their efforts to assert their universal rights, and to push forward with plans to bring about a democratic Swaziland. We congratulate their courageous efforts.

‘The Swaziland Democracy Campaign was established to provide a non-sectarian and activist orientated platform for democracy activists inside Swaziland, and to marshal support and encouragement from South Africa and elsewhere.’

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