Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Armed police block town

Times of Swaziland (The only independent daily newspaper in Swaziland)

13 April 2011; Reporting yesterday's protest


People who were interested in joining the protest action from around town were forced to abandon their plans.

Over 20 marchers, mainly teachers, were seen gathering at the bus rank and immediately police officers arrived in a vehicle and some on foot to break up the meeting.


An officer asked the marchers what they were doing but they said that they were waiting for someone to bring them lunch.

The police started to gather as well and eventually seemed to outnumber the marchers.

Marchers when interviewed randomly complained that it was difficult for them to proceed to join the march as they had been scattered.

"They stopped us from proceeding to Manzini and we are not sure where most of our leaders are," said a marcher who identified himself as Matsenjwa.


A police officer, advised the marchers to give up the ‘act’.

"Wotani la! Yekelani lentfo,"a police officer ordered.

Meanwhile others who were turned back when trying to leave the town were separated and their attempts to gather at Siteki were thwarted by police.

Police blocked the main entrance to town and buses were directed to the new bus rank were they had to offload.

Upon arrival at the market, the would be marchers were met by officers either armed with guns or batons.


"It seems they don’t want us to use buses so we have to find another option for tomorrow," said a teacher who was one of the marchers.

He regretted that he was unable to travel together with others who left the previous day to spend the night in Manzini.

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