Sunday, February 6, 2011


The Times Sunday reported today (6 February 2011) Nelisiwe Shongwe, Information and Communications Technology Minister and her husband Petros have come out to declare undying love for each other.’

They were making this rather yukky declaration following reports on Facebook and in the Swazi media this week that Petros caught his wife in a car kissing with Sthofeni Ginindza, Chief Executive of African Alliance Swaziland.

Petros is then reported to have beaten his wife with fists and kicks.

‘The couple say their marriage is intact and grows stronger every day,’ the Times Sunday said. And it considered the story so important it devoted nearly 1,200 words to it.

But, Umgosi Eswatini, The Real Staff, the Facebook site that broke the story says – in time honoured investigative journalism fashion – ‘We stand by our story’.

And it has a dig at the Times Sunday for its own poor journalistic practice.

In a message to Umgosi Eswatini Facebook members published today, Gangadza Masilela, responds,

‘I believe you have seen and read today edition of the Sunday Times of Swaziland where there are interviewing the Minister Senanile Snhongwe and her husband. Basics principle of journalism is to get both sides of the story and then publish but what the times did was the opposite. The fact is I Gangadza Masilela stand by each and every word, comer, and full stop. Shame to the Sunday Times and its editor.’

And as for Mr and Mrs Shongwe? I don’t have to remind readers of the number of times celebrity couples have publicly stated their undying devotion to each other before meeting in the divorce court weeks later.

Mr and Mrs Shongwe had better be careful about the public claims they make about their relationship. This one could come back to bite them on the backside.


Anonymous said...

Rooney, who ever you are you are lost. That never happened period. Stop the lies mfo, whatever your agenda its sickening. Share the truth here not innuendo guys you are spoiling our game. These two are not going anywhere and if you wish for them to separate you will wait a lifetime bru! Get a life for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Its actually amazing how people wish for bad things to happen to others. This is witchcraft at its best. Let's assume for a moment that Petros was stupid like some of us, he would have sent of love of a lifetime packing. Thank God the lies were so glaring, saying he found her and beat and the guy sped-off! My foot what kind of nonsenses its that?Instead of saying you stand by your story just say you STAND BY YOUR LIES. Shame on you! You are cursed.....

Mshiniwami said...

Your article is cheap and represents gutter journalism. You have no life and i can bet my last cent that your love life is zero. Go wank yourself with cosatu. Mshiniwani.

Anonymous said...

Not suprising as Sthofeni has a reputation with women, married ones too. The list is long including the short Manzini woman from Zakhele. The next time he is caught the gun shalll work