Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Swaziland community police officers in court charged with murdering crime suspect

Three community policemen in Swaziland appeared in court charged with murdering a suspect they were holding.

Sibusiso Mhlanga, aged 32, had been captured by members of the Maliyaduma community police for allegedly stealing solar panels.

They reportedly called Manzini police who took Mhlanga away. 

Later the Manzini officers returned to Maliyaduma and arrested the community police officers. They said Mhlanga had died from injuries sustained during their interrogation of him at Maliyaduma.

In a report of the case at Mbabane Court, the Times of eSwatini said a witness reported hearing screaming from an interrogation room and saw police officers assaulting Mhlanga with an electric cable.

The murder allegedly happened in February 2014.

The police officers deny murder and the case will resume in 2020.

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