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Princess says Swaziland King can solve mysteries by seeing into the future

King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of Swaziland / eSwatini, can solve any mystery because he can see into the future, a newspaper that the King in effect owns reported.

Previously, the King had claimed he had a direct line to God and had received messages from angels.
The latest claim was made by Princess Sikhanyiso, Minister of Information, Technology and Communications, at a trade meeting. The Princess is the King’s eldest daughter and was appointed by him to her position, in 2018. The Princess was not elected to Parliament by the people.

The Sunday Observer reported she told the meeting that the King could solve any mystery. It reported, ‘She said the King could do this through his transcendent wisdom, foresight and the ability to foresee the future of his people and in time yet to come.’

Nearly seven in ten of Swaziland’s estimated 1.2 million people live in abject poverty. Public services in health and education are grinding to a halt because the government, which is not elected but handpicked by the King, has run the economy into the ground. Public service workers have been violently assaulted by police while striking for increased cost-of-living salary adjustments.

The Observer reported the Princess told the meeting, ‘Due to the King’s discernment, strength and tenacity, eSwatini boasted of having one of the best road networks, airports and overall quality of life in Africa.’

The King himself had previously claimed to have a direct line to God. In October 2018, he told a meeting of the kingdom’s ‘People’s Parliament’ known as Sibaya that he had been visited by angels and they told him who he should appoint as the kingdom’s new Prime Minister.

The Times of Swaziland reported at the time, ‘He said the angels and ancestors would show him the man who was given the authority to run the country.’

In March 2018, the Queen Mother in Swaziland, known as the Indlovukazi, told her subjects they must bow down before her and the King to earn forgiveness from God to be able to enter heaven. She said they must always obey those in authority over them.

The Sunday Observer reported at the time she said, ‘If you are a child of God, one day when you have left this world, Jesus will say I am forgiving you, because I have seen you travelling the journey to the extent of bowing to Their Majesties, enter in my Father’s Kingdom.’

The newspaper reported, ‘She added that it would be difficult for Christians to please God if they failed to respect and bow before those in authority in their communities, saying the genesis of faith was respecting leaders.’

The Queen Mother also said, ‘Whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but too bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority?’

In 2013, African Eye News Service reported King Mswati’s elder brother, Prince Masitsela Dlamini, said that God had given the royal family authority to rule over other Swazi clans. ‘The Dlaminis are closer to God,’ said Dlamini.

In 2011, the King said God spoke to him through a TV remote control. It happened at the Lozitha Palace, near Mbabane. The Times of Swaziland reported in October 2011, ‘His Majesty saw a miracle yesterday when he was preparing a sermon [to preach to a group of evangelical Christians.] The King said a remote control lay at the centre of a coffee table but something mysteriously brought it down.

‘He said there was no person or wind that could have brought it down.  The King said he realised that God was with him.  It was Him who brought the remote control down.’

In September 2013, the King told his subjects he had received a vision during a thunderstorm and was told that the political system in Swaziland that puts the King at the head and bans political parties should from then on be called ‘Monarchical Democracy.’

On 21 October 2009, the Swazi Observer told its readers King Mswati was ‘ordained by God to lead his people’. Musa Ndlangamandla, the Observer chief editor at the time, reported that Lutfo Dlamini, then Swaziland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, wrote a poem to the King that included the line, ‘You are living proof that Kings and Monarchs are ordained by God to lead his people’.

Following this, the most senior ‘traditionalist’ leader in Swaziland
Timothy Velabo Mtsetfwa was reported in the Observer saying ‘Royalty was a gift from God’. He said this while urging the Swazi nation ‘to respect the Royalty because it cares for the needy’. 

Mtsetfwa also spoke about how multi-parties which are banned in Swaziland, ‘were a monster to which many countries had succumbed and fell’. He then went on to say, ‘in other countries, especially those under multi-party democracy, the leaders only think of themselves and their immediate families and forget about the needy people’. 

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