Saturday, September 15, 2018

Swaziland (Eswatini) Election 2018: Links to Information and Analysis From Swazi Media Commentary

On Friday 21 September 2018 the final round of elections (known as the Secondary Election) takes place in Swaziland (recently renamed Eswatini by its absolute monarch King Mswati III).

Political parties are not allowed to stand, only 59 members of the House of Assembly are elected by the people; the King appoints another 10. No members of the 30-strong Swazi Senate are elected by the people.

The King chooses the Prime Minister and Cabinet as well as all senior judges and civil servants.

The election is drawn out over several months, starting with a period of voter registration followed by nominations which take place in public at chiefdoms. There follows a first round of voting (the Primary Election) where each chiefdom within a constituency chooses its candidate to go forward to a final (secondary) election where one member of the House of Assembly is elected.

Swazi Media Commentary has published information and commentary on every step of the process. Below is an index of the posts freely available. Click on a title.



Swaziland Must Embrace Political Parties to Get on Track After Years of Failure


Low Turnout At Swaziland Election Fuels Doubts About Support For King’s Absolute Monarchy 


Swaziland People Not Allowed To Elect Government 


Swaziland: Elections Without Democracy 


People Not Electing Their Government 


Chorus Against Swazi Election Grows 


Election Will Entrench King’s Power 


Shun The Bogus Swaziland Election



Parties Still Banned From Election


Court Fight to Un-Ban Parties 


Court Bid to Allow Parties in Election


Court Confirms Political Parties Cannot Compete in Swaziland’s Election 


U.S. Ambassador Encourages Parties 




Fear of Ritual Killings Grows 


‘Ritual Killings Linked to Election’ 


Ritual Murders Rise at Election Time



Swazi King’s Chiefs Above Elected MPs



Doubts Election Board is Competent 



Secondary election

Early Election Campaigning Illegal 


Swaziland Senior Election Officer Calls For Arrest Of ‘Prominent People’ Who Are Rigging Kingdom’s Vote 


Swaziland Election Officer Reveals MPs Sell Their Votes When Electing Kingdom’s Senators 



Primary election


All Public Events Banned in Swaziland on Day of Primary Election


Swaziland’s Independent Observation Group Says Election ‘Free And Fair’ But Identifies Many Shortcomings 


Independent Election Observers in Swaziland Barred From Some Polling Stations, Told to Sign Secrecy Forms 


Chaos and Violence Reported Across Swaziland as Voters go to the Polls 


Vote-Rigging Claims During Swaziland’s Election Grow. Calls For Some Polls To Be Re-Run 


Polling Station Riot and Fresh Accusations of Vote-Rigging Reported at Swaziland Election 


Fears Grow of Vote-Rigging and Malpractice in Swaziland Election. Ballot Boxes Not Properly Sealed


First Round of Swaziland Election Marred by Inefficiency and Fear of Vote-Rigging 


Bribed Swaziland Voters Photograph Their Completed Ballot Papers 


Voter Bribery Rife in Swaziland in Run-up to First Round of National Election 


Swaziland Police Block Protest March Against Election Vote-Rigging 




Expect Chaos and Rule-breaking at Nominations for Swaziland’s Election, if Last Time is a Guide 


Doubt Over Validity of Swaziland Election (no voters’ roll) 


Police to Vet All Election Candidates 


Civil Servants Election Restriction (if they owe employer money)


Observer Group Says Swaziland Election Nomination Successful, Despite Some Shortcomings 


Media Report Chaos and Confusion During Nominations For Swaziland Election 


Swaziland Police Force Worshippers From Churches to Attend Election Nominations 




Election Board Awaits King’s Command 


Confusion Over Swazi Voter Numbers 


Election Board Targets Fewer Voters 


Registration Opens For Swazi Election 


Poor Start to Voter Registration 


Swazi King Extends Voter Registration 


‘Vote Rigging’ as Registration Tops 90% 


Reports of Swaziland Election Abuse 


Police Probe Election ‘Corruption’ 


Unhappy Residents Boycott Election


Election Votes Sold For Chicken Pieces 


Media Target Swazi Police Shortages (at registration centres) 


Tax Debtors Barred From Standing in Election 


Swaziland Election in Confusion as Nominees Who Did Not Pay Tax Drop Out 



Run-up to the election


Youth Election Workshop Banned 


Youth Want Democracy in Swaziland 



Confusion over Status of Widows as Swaziland Prepares for National Election 


Widows Can Stand in Swazi Election


Widows Still Can’t Stand in Election 


Women ‘Scared’ to Contest Election




King Says Vote Only For Christians 



Swaziland Election Bribery is Illegal



PUDEMO Will Not Fight Swazi Election

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