Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Primary schoolgirls in Swaziland are falling pregnant because they are forced to have sex with older men for food.

The Swazi Observer newspaper reported on Thursday (17 November 2016), ‘a worrying number of pupils’ at Bekezela Primary School in Lubulini were said to have fallen pregnant this year, ‘due to the poverty levels which are said to have been worsened by the El Nino-induced drought’. 

The newspaper reported Bongile Ngubeni, who is the welfare teacher at the school, saying they were currently facing numerous challenges which have come as results of the drought. 

The newspaper reported, ‘Ngubeni said the school has since the beginning of the year been recording cases of pregnancy amongst the children, especially those in the higher grades. She highlighted that these children were said to have mainly been impregnated by older men who would promise them food and other necessities. 

‘Ngubeni said according to their assessment, most of these children stay alone while their parents are away in search for employment opportunities to sustain their families.’

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