Monday, July 25, 2016


Following Swaziland’s decision to ban all Asian people from entering the kingdom comes news that a group of Asians have been evicted from their home and banished from the area simply because they are Asian.

The incident happened at Mgazini, according to the Observer on Sunday newspaper in Swaziland.
The newspaper reported on Sunday (24 July 2016) that a group of 12 ‘Asian nationals’ were ordered out of an area on the outskirts of Mankayane.

They had rented a homestead from a local resident, but were later ordered out of the area by the area’s chief’s representative Indvuna Xolani Vilakati. The Indvuna or headman reportedly did not meet with the Asians, ‘but only heard of their presence in the area’.

The newspaper reported, ‘Vilakati said he ordered them out because they had not been reported to the area’s authorities and therefore accommodating them in the area with unknown motives would cause problems for them.’

The newspaper said residents saw the Asians in the homestead and their presence was reported to a member of the area’s bandlancane (council). The newspaper said the residents were concerned about ‘foreign people being accommodated in one of the homes’.

The Asians left the area when requested.

There are heightened tensions in Swaziland following a decision by the Swazi Government to set up a committee to investigate immigration of people from Asia, mostly India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, the House of Assembly suspended issuing entry permits to all Asian people. 

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