Tuesday, October 22, 2013


King Mswati III of Swaziland has told his subjects that men have lived on the moon.

He said he wanted Swazi people to be like them and also visit the moon.

The Observer on Saturday, a newspaper in effect owned by the king, reported that he told an audience of admirers that he had recently visited Houston, Texas.

The Observer reported, ‘The challenge by the Ingwenyama [the king] which obviously mesmerised the audience was premised by the fact that a lot of American citizens, especially those living in Houston, Texas have visited the moon and he said he found this unique.

‘“These Americans have something that we don’t have. I was told when I visited that place that some of their citizens have travelled to the moon and stayed there for about six to eight months.

‘“This is seriously fascinating and surely I would like to see Swazis visiting the moon one day,” said the King to a loud salute of Bayethe [Hail to the King] as the audience appreciated his sentiments,’ the newspaper reported.

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