Thursday, August 1, 2013


Some of King Mswati III’s 13 wives and 100 or so of their closest friends set off on a vacation to Japan and Australia costing an estimated US$10 million this month (July 2013). Meanwhile, back in Swaziland reports on how poverty is crippling not only people’s bodies but also the kingdom’s economy were published across the world.

It was reported this month that Swazi diplomats lived the high life in New York. They stayed at the best hotels and shopped til they dropped, while attending the United Nations.

The bogus national election is drawing nearer amid allegations that voting registration was fixed to grossly exaggerate the number of people signed up to vote.

MPs say their phones have been bugged and their workshops infiltrated by state police.

Political instability is hitting the economy and government policies have been blamed for the high levels of hunger in the kingdom.

So, it was just another typical month in Swaziland. Swaziland: Striving for Freedom, Volume 7: July 2013 is the latest monthly digest of reports that first appeared on the Swazi media Commentary website in July 2013. It is available free of charge at

Swazi Media Commentary has no physical base and is completely independent of any political faction and receives no income from any individual or organisation. People who contribute ideas or write for it do so as volunteers and receive no payment.

Swazi Media Commentary was on hiatus for most of the month of July, but is now back at work and will continue to be published online – updated most days – bringing information, comment and analysis.

Swaziland Striving for Freedom Vol 7 July 2013

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