Thursday, August 8, 2013


The woman who was barred from being nominated as a candidate in Swaziland’s forthcoming election because she wore trousers at the nomination centre says police forced her to lie in a statement about the matter.  

Mana Mavimbela, aged 18, said three police officers ordered her to write a statement in which she was made to lie that she did not intend to stand for nomination.

The police officers ordered her to say that she had been joking that she wanted to stand for election as Member of Parliament for Lubulini.

She was disqualified on Sunday (4 August 2013) during the nomination stage at Lusabeni Chiefdom by the Presiding Officer Lindiwe Sukati for being dressed improperly. On Monday Mavimbela got a visit by police officers from the Lubulini Police Station.

Mavimbela told the Times of Swaziland she was then ordered to relate the events of the previous day and how she came to be disqualified. 

‘The officer then forced me to record the statement, noting that I did not intend to stand for the elections but only meant it as a joke,’ the newspaper reported her saying.

Now, Mavimbela has called for the nominations to be reopened so she can put her name forward. 

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