Friday, August 30, 2013


There were more election irregularities reported on Friday (30 August 2013) in the aftermath of Swaziland’s primary election with news that a ballot box had been tampered with and wrong results had been announced.

The tampering happened at Ebenezer where a box was reportedly found with its seal broken and some voting papers missing. Some candidates are calling for a re-run of the election.  Six ballot papers were said to be missing. The victorious candidate won by three votes. 

The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) admitted it had released the wrong names of poll winners at LaMgabhi. The election organisers blamed a ‘typographical error’. 

A similar error was discovered at Dlangeni.

These are just some of a vast number of irregularities and illegalities reported since the primary election last Saturday.

The EBC has confirmed the numerous complaints had been lodged with the commission.

In a statement, EBC chair Chief Gija Dlamini said it would have been a miracle if everything had gone smoothly saying such could only be achieved by Jesus.

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