Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Armed police stopped a youth group in Swaziland from holding an election workshop at a local church.

The workshop organised by the Swaziland Youth Empowerment Organisation, also known as Luvatsi, was due to be held in Sidvokodvo.

The police had no warrant or court order, but were acting on instructions of their station commander, local media reported.

The workshop was to cover the election due in Swaziland this year, human rights and democracy.

About 50 young people from Sidvokodvo and surrounding areas were reported to have assembled at the Pentecostal Church for the workshop by the time police arrived.

The Times of Swaziland reported that a police officer was waiting for the Luvatsi Coordinator Colani Nhleko when he arrived at the venue. He was told that the workshop would not be allowed to proceed.  

Nhleko went to the police station to find out why the workshop was banned and was told it had been done on the orders of the police station commander, who was not present at the station.

Nhleko returned to the church and began the workshop. Then about 10 armed police officers arrived and forced them to stop.

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