Friday, May 18, 2012


Swaziland prodemocracy campaigners are to picket the Swazi High Commission in London on Saturday (19 May 2012) when King Mswati III is due to hold a dinner.

The King is in London to attend a banquet as the guest of Queen Elizabeth II as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebration.

The King, who is sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, is staying at the £400 a night Savoy hotel. He is reported to have taken an entourage of 30 people with him to London.

His visit has been met with protests and media organisations across the world have drawn attention to the fact that while the King and his 13 wives live a lavish lifestyle, seven in ten of his 1.1 million subjects live in abject poverty, earning less than US$2 a day.

According to Forbes, the King has a personal fortune estimated at US$100 million. He also has control of a trust fund in Swaziland that is estimated at US$10 billion.

Pickets organized by the Swaziland Vigil met the King when he arrived at the Savoy on Wednesday. The Vigil is also organizing a protest on Saturday 19 May at the Swazi High Commission, 20 Buckingham Gate, London, from 6.30pm.

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