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Did the prospect of witnessing King Mswati III bugger a bull attract tourists to the Incwala yesterday (13 December 2011)?

It was ‘bad publicity’ for this year’s Incwala that boosted the numbers of locals who flocked to the ceremony, according to Swaziland’s Acting Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Mtiti Fakudze.

Fakudze told the Times of Swaziland what was said recently about the event had attracted more people.

‘Those who criticise Incwala helped because they sensitised a lot of people about it. The criticism actually helped. Incwala represents us as Swazis. If you criticise it then you are marketing it,’ the Times reported Fakudze saying.

Once again the Times didn’t tell its readers just what this ‘bad publicity’ for Incwala was.

Those who have been paying attention know that top of the list are reports that during Incwala King Mswati III gets doped up on muti and practices witchcraft. He is also said to bugger a bull and have public sex with two of his queens.

With all of that on offer no wonder many locals wanted to get a sight.

While more tourists were said to be at Incwala, the media were banned from covering the main day of the cultural event, for what the Times called ‘the first time in recent history’.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (ICT) Nathaniel Mahluza told editors about the ban, but he could not tell them why they could not attend.

Mahluza told editors the order came from his principals but he did not divulge the identity of theose principals, according to the Times.

The editors were told that only Swazi TV, the national broadcaster, would be allowed to cover the event.

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