Friday, November 18, 2011


The People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO) is calling for the immediate freezing of all accounts held by King Mswati, his government officials and members of the royal family, held outside of Swaziland.

This comes in the wake of what PUDEMO calls ‘blatant looting currently taking place as the regime is collapsing’.

In a statement it says, ‘A lot of money is changing accounts and the bulk is leaving the country. This is the least the international community can do to save the people of Swaziland.’

PUDEMO adds, ‘For a few months now, PUDEMO has been following with keen interest the interesting and highly secretive transactions between different sources within the royal family, the Swaziland government and certain business entities based in South Africa and elsewhere, with dubious characters and individuals. These political rodents are in a scramble to finish off whatever remains of the once-promising Swazi economy.’

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