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Swaziland Solidarity Network


24 October 2011


Mswati lies to Christians again

Swaziland’s biggest hypocrite, king Mswati, continued deceiving his sycophants on Saturday afternoon at Lozitha Royal Palace. This is according to the Sunday Times newspaper.

In a sermon attended by close to 500 people, told the impressionable Christians that he had refused an offer from a group of men who wanted to help him avert a revolt earlier in the year.

Interestingly, he went further to claim that he “did not believe in violence and the use of weapons to conquer enemies but always depended on the intervention of God.” The facts contradict him, however, and expose him as a terrible liar and a cheap propagandist who abuses religion to further his otherwise evil agenda.

The only revolt the country had this year was the April 12 uprising which was meant to be a peaceful protest and in fact remained peaceful on the part of the protestors. Mswati responded, not by praying to God as he claims, but by sending in his police force to brutally beat up protestors, abduct them and rape them.

Later on that fateful day, when protestors showed no signs of bowing down to this violence, the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force (USDF) was called in to declare a curfew in Manzini city. Nobody knows what would have happened to unsuspecting citizens who may have needed to walk in the streets that night.

It is an insult to Christians and Swazis to go around misusing their religion to legitimise the agenda of well-known sorcerers who, in a month’s time will be engaged in bestial rituals paraded as a “National prayer.” The Swaziland Solidarity network calls upon pro-democracy activists to use this time to wage the final offensive on this hypocrite.

Issued by The Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN]

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