Monday, October 3, 2011


People’s United Democratic Movment (PUDEMO)


30 September 2011


If the statements made by a South African official while addressing diplomats in Pretoria yesterday (29 September 2011) was anything to go by, PUDEMO is hopeful that there is enormous pressure on the Swazi regime to democratise.

The official in the office of the President of the Republic stated that while South Africa will not watch Swaziland collapse, it is not going to be easy to give Swaziland an unconditional bailout.

She continued to indicate that there are continued negotiations and pressure put on the Swazi regime to accept dialogue with the political parties in the country to pave way for a democratic dispensation.

The bailout money may not be released until the Swazi government commits to this process. Zulu further raised concerns on the ongoing judicial crisis in the country, which is further destabilizing an already destabilized state. And anyone trying to give money to Swaziland without any conditions will not assist sustainability.

Speaking in the same event, the president of PUDEMO Mario Masuku said that “Dialogue is indeed the route to take, and no stake holder must be allowed to give any other the alternative to explore other avenues, especially the use of violence towards attainment of a democratic state of Swaziland.

“However, no cosmetic dialogues whether they are the royal cattle byre, the Smart Partnership or any other processes shall deliver the people from the deep socio-political crisis their country is in.

“The nation has to honestly, constructively and peacefully talk to itself under a political climate conducive for such processes where the King and his mother are not intimidating or threatening any dissenting views.

“We need a process that is all inclusive, guaranteed by a reputable and credible institution and with concrete objectives. We wish to reiterate that there are other initiatives purporting to drive the route towards national dialogue. PUDEMO will not engage in these fraudulent initiatives while it remains proscribed”

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