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Communist Party Swaziland


7 August 2011


Campaign for the release of all political prisoners and detainees in Swaziland

Release all political prisoners in Swaziland now!

The Tinkhundla regime of king Mswati III currently holds five political prisoners/detainees. These courageous freedom fighters are imprisoned by the regime simply because they have been part of the struggle for democracy, human rights and social and economic progress for the people of Swaziland. We demand their unconditional release and that this is a step toward the unbanning of all political parties and organisations and safe return of all exiles.

BREAK THE CHAINS demands the release of:

1. Amos Mbedze - A South African, member of the ANC, SACP, Umkhonto Wesizwe) arrested in 2008, denied bail; still on trial since 2010.

2. Bheki Dlamini - SWAYOCO PRESIDENT: arrested in 2010, denied bail, no trial.

3. Zonke Dlamini - SWAYOCO LEADER: arrested in 2010; denied bail, no trial since arrested.

4. Maxwell Dlamini - SNUS PRESIDENT: arrested in 2011; denied bail, no trial since arrest.

5. Musa Ngubeni – FORMER STUDENT LEADER: arrested in April 2011, denied bailed, no trial since arrest.

These activists and leaders have been routinely tortured and denied access to family and friends. Their health is deteriorating each day and they are denied proper medical assistance. They are held on trumped up charges because the regime considers their activism for democracy and freedom a danger to Mswati’s rule. The rule of law protects only the select few in Swaziland. Our comrades held prisoner by the regime have no rights.

The BREAK THE CHAINS campaign calls for the unconditional release of all political prisoners in Swaziland and for concerted action to prevent the incarceration of more detainees as the struggle for democracy and freedom increases.

The Swazi regime denies that it has political prisoners. It also denies that there are Swazi political exiles living outside the country. The regime lies continuously and blatantly in an effort to appear reasonable and fair. But the regime presides over the constant oppression of the Swazi people though enforced poverty and degradation and the denial of democratic, social and economic rights. Those who have campaigned against this vile injustice are persecuted by the Mswati regime.

BREAK THE CHAINS calls on all progressive organisations and individuals in Swaziland and beyond to add their voice to the demand the release of Swaziland’s political prisoners.

This must be a first step to the unbanning of all organizations and parties in Swaziland and firm guarantees on the right of the people to free assembly, and the guaranteed safe return of exiles.


We urge you to:

Send demands to the Swazi government and the king calling for the immediate release of Amos Mbedze, Bheki Dlamini, Zonke Dlamini, Maxwell Dlamini and Musa Ngubeni.

Raise awareness on the issue of Swaziland’s political prisoners by spreading news of the campaign for their release.

Raise the issue in your community, trade union branch, Church group, and among your neighbours and friends.

If you are outside Swaziland:

Issue calls to Swazi diplomatic missions for the release of political prisoners.

Demand the boycott of Swaziland by the government of the country in which you reside until all political prisoners are released.

Get your organisation / political party to join the campaign

The BREAK THE CHAINS campaign is being run by the Communist Party of Swaziland as an open campaign forum that all organisations and individuals are invited to join regardless of their political affiliation.

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