Thursday, May 26, 2011


The UK National Union of Students NUS is campaigning for the release of Maxwell Dlamini, president of Swaziland's National Union of Students (SNUS) after he was arrested in April on the eve of a pro-democracy demonstration.

Newstime Africa has reported that is in good spirits despite being denied bail, denied the right to sit his exams, and facing charges of possessing explosives.

The Guradian newspaper, UK, reports today (26 May 2011) Amnesty International said Dlamini was detained at a roadblock just outside Mbabane, Swaziland's capital, along with three others on the eve of a series of planned protest marches. Allegations of torture and forced confession have been made on Stiff Kitten's blog.

In media interviews in the run up the protests Dlamini had called for "the end of the royal misrule in Swaziland" and urged the Swazi student body to rise up and "take to the streets and protest" against King Mswati III's regime.

UK NUS vice president Shane Chowen tweeted

If you do one thing today write to the Swaziland High Commissioner demanding the release of President of Swaziland NUS.

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