Tuesday, February 8, 2011


While the Swazi constitution provides for freedom of speech and the press, this is completely nullified by a clause in the constitution allowing the king to suspend these rights at any time. The country has only one independent newspaper – the Times of Swaziland – and journalists face reprisals if they criticise the monarchy or government, Manqoba Nxumalo (of the Times of Swaziland) writes in a new online publication, called Free African Media.

Free African Media is designed to be a platform dedicated to freedom of expression throughout the continent, as well as helping to improve the overall quality of reporting, analysis and opinion Africa-wide. It is being trailed this month (February 2011) and if successful, will become a permanent project.

Free African Media is looking for journalists in Swaziland and other African countries to contribute to the publication.

Free African Media website

Manqoba Nxumalo’s article

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