Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is a press release from the Swaziland Democracy Campaign.


Press Release

The Swaziland chapter of the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) hereby announces as follows:

1. That the protest march takes place in Mbabane on Wednesday the 17th of November 2010, starting at 0800hrs;

2. That the protest march will be preceded by an open debate on the evident collapse of the Swazi economy, on Tuesday 16th November, at the Swaziland Catholic Centre (Caritas) in Manzini, starting at 1700hrs;

3. The SDC notes the difficulty regarding international participation in this and future marches given the hostile political climate inside Swaziland and welcome whatever gesture of solidarity from our international solidarity partners;

4. We urge Swazis to join the march in their numbers given the ongoing condemnable ‘operation Murambatsvina‘-style evictions/demolitions at KaShali and Nhlangano, which are a disturbing reminder that the Tinkhundla regime knows no bounds regarding violation of basic human rights in the name of King Mswati III and;

5. That this is a march not to be missed as it also affords every suffering Swazi citizen the opportunity to express their strong protest against Tinkhundla’s unilateral Fiscal Adjustment Roadmap which will result in mass retrenchments and untold poverty levels while ensuring that the monarchy and top government officials remain unaffected.


Anonymous said...

This is tym for action. As workers of swzd dis march z not about demonstrating but is about d seizer of wat belongs to us, freedom and power. as che guevara said 'revolution is not an apple wich fal wen ripe', i bliv dat we nid to make dat apple fal. d question is f not now den wen? how long wil we watch our own ppl dying untimely? for how long wil we b livin in our own land? wen wil we hav land to build houses? dis is wat we might b askin ourselves as we go to d march. no need to fear coz we got nothin to lose but we hav a world to gain as marx and engels said . basebenti, lets go and face t.

Ngisto said...

Let no fear obscure our cries for a democratic SD. I pray that every Swazi individual realize that only he/she can emancipate him/herself from mental slavery. Let us unite and make this country a better place for the coming generations. As for us, we are dead already so there's no fear for death.