Thursday, November 18, 2010


Solidarity messages in support of the protest march held in Swaziland on Wednesday (17 November 2010) have come in from all over.

Here are some of them.

Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) supports the people of Swaziland in their quest for democracy, development, rights and justice. We support the efforts of those in Swaziland who are progressing the struggle for democracy, rights and freedom, in spite of the challenges imposed against them by the regime and add our voice of support to those from across southern Africa. The Swazi people are denied democratic rights; their freedom to organise and of expression is under the attack and in a country with the highest rate of HIV in the world there is a deepening economic crisis.

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) joins the international community in supporting nurses and the entire working class of Swaziland as they embark on a mass action to demonstrate their opposition to the oppressive regime that exists in their country. With great admiration we commend the courage of Swaziland workers and community for their bold move to fight for democracy. We also wish to emphasize that we stand with them in their struggle to abolish the rule of a dictatorial rule.

POPCRU joins the millions of progressive Allies in general in the country and across the globe to offer our unqualified support in consolidation of the demands for Democracy by the people of Swaziland and for the people of Swaziland. We applaud all progressive organizations in Swaziland unqualified for resolving to merge to form one Federation as part of the deepening of working class hegemony in the fight for Democracy and Freedom of Association in Swaziland. We reiterate a call for all revolutionaries to join all Swazis, Civil Society, Organized Labour and Community Based Organizations in Swaziland to work together for a real change against poverty, under-development, repressive regime, high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and absence of freedom of association.

SAMWU salutes the trade union, civil, faith-based and social organisations of Swaziland for their continued courageous struggle for the democratic soul of Swaziland. As the infamous anniversary of Black Wednesday is once again upon us, we are reminded of the complete absence of democratic rights in Africa’s last remaining dictatorial monarchy. It is very clear at this time that the democratic movement in Swaziland is not only in a state of renewal, but is showing a determination that has not been seen for many years. The unity of purpose that is being shown by all democratic organisations is truly inspirational, despite the heavy handed responses of the repressive regime.

Swaziland Democracy Campaign South Africa takes this opportunity to express its full and profound support to the Wednesday, 17 November 2010 mass action in Swaziland, led by its counterparts, the SDC Swaziland Chapter. We salute the courage of Swazi workers and progressive forces in general for their undying commitment to the democratic cause. In this regard, we continue to render our fullest support. We further assure our comrades inside Swaziland and the world in general, that we shall never abdicate our responsibility to offer practical solidarity to the struggling people of Swaziland. The hostility of the Tinkhundla regime is the more reason for us to intensify our solidarity.

World Federation of Trade Unions salutes the gallant people and the working people of Swaziland in their determined and unwavering struggle against oppression and exploitation. We stand on the side of the masses of people who struggle to abolish poverty and want, unemployment and diseases, homelessness and hunger – the people who say enough is enough to the rule by the corrupt monarchy that continues to squander resources of the country whilst the poor citizens are ravaged by poverty and diseases, and HIV/AIDS in particular. We call on all peace loving people and organizations, all over the world, to support the efforts and struggle of the people of Swaziland led by their progressive organizations.

And a solidarity message from Unison is posted here.

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