Monday, August 23, 2010


The Swazi ‘democracy activist’ who was supposed to have been deported from Britain on Tuesday last week has still not been deported.

This is because her lawyers are fighting her deportation order.

According to Tony Dykes, Director of Action Southern Africa (ACTSA), Thobile Gwebu, the democracy activist who organised weekly demonstrations Swaziland Vigil at the Swazi Embassy in Britain, was still fighting against her deportation order.

Gwebu was detained on August 12 and scheduled to be deported on August 17.

"On August 16, I was informed that her lawyer was appealing the order to deport her and if that was not successful, would seek an injunction. I wrote to the Home Secretary requesting her deportation to be stopped as we had concerns about her wellbeing if she returned to Swaziland," Dykes said when asked about Gwebu’s whereabouts.

Gwebu is one of the pro-democracy Swazis who organised a weekly night vigil in Britain, picketing the kingdom’s embassy, advocating for democracy in Swaziland.

The night vigil was to try and organise Swazis living abroad as well as other solidarity activists from Africa to protest against the country.

SOURCE: Times of Swaziland

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