Monday, April 19, 2010


The following is a media statement from the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) following the police action on Saturday that saw a meeting to launch the SDC cancelled after police illegally held SDC leaders.

Another Attack on the Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC)!

Press Release - 19 April 2010

The weekend actions of the royal Swazi police is a further demonstration that freedom of assembly and expression in Swaziland does not exist. These actions are a further indictment of the widely held myth that Swaziland is a peaceful, democratic and caring society ruled by a benevolent royal family.

Despite a court order obtained by the Swaziland chapter of the SDC granting them permission to continue with the public launch of the Campaign inside Swaziland, the royal police clamped down; arresting and detaining two of the coordinators of the Campaign, raiding the home of a third member of the Campaign coordinating team preventing him from attending the launch, preventing the attendance of the PUDEMO President, Cde Mario Masuku, and frightening off supporters of the Campaign. This action follows the royal police clampdown of the 12th April commemorations which marked the 37th anniversary of the banning of political parties in Swaziland.

The SDC condemns the actions of the Swazi regime that prevented the peaceful launch of the Swaziland Democracy Campaign’s Swazi chapter.

We also commend our comrades efforts inside Swaziland. We will continue to support your preparedness to unite and challenge the repression and the wastefulness of the royal elite through the Swaziland Democracy Campaign!

We will not allow a repressive regime to frustrate us in our struggle for liberation, justice and democracy in Swaziland! We will continue to mount pressure on all fronts until Swaziland is free!

An urgent joint meeting of both chapters of the SDC is being planned to chart out a way forward.

Aluta continua!

Phambile Swaziland Democracy Campaign!


Anonymous said...

Ye Richard Rooney kindly leave us alone with you democracy Swaziland do not pet an animal that you cannot call by name take a look at the countries of the West and you will see what you so called rights and freedoms do the very fabric that a society is built on. Is there really anything that you are prohibited from doing now that is of added value to your life that you will be permitted to do under a new regime. Do you see anyone better qualified to do the job I am not saying the current Government is doing a good job Im just merely wondering if there is anyone out there right now especially amongst the current aspiring politics who can do a better job. I have lived on the West and can tell you one thing from my experience there these so call rights come at a heavy price social decay, moral erosion etc. Becuase people keep emphasising on our rights but never tell us that ever right has a responsiblility and if you can not face up to that responsibility then that right becomes a priveledge. So Mr. Rooney why are you so interested in Swaziland you dont you try to rescue, the UK from it illiteracy, and social disarray before you come pointing fingers at out societies.

Anonymous said...

Richard Rooney we appreciate what you do for our country. Contrary to anonymous' comment above, I cannot even begin to list why we need change as in yesterday in the country. Her comment is nothing but finger pointing on unrelated issues-definately not worth responding to. Since I don't have time to list the un endless issues of the current system, anyone who wishes to know why can just read ealier post about events in the country. Anonymous please don't waste our time. Address issues as posted and not attack the person.