Wednesday, March 10, 2010


A group of Christian leaders in Swaziland have hired a ‘hitman’ to murder journalists who exposed them as devil worshippers.

Three reporters have been targeted because they reported that a group of pastors had been worshipping the devil as a way to raise money.

According to a media report in Swaziland, the pastors have ‘enlisted the services of hitmen from South Africa to eliminate three journalists who apparently blew the whistle on them’.

The journalists are reported to be Channel Swazi News Editor Mhlonishwa Motsa, Ingwazi News Editor Lucky Ndzimandze and reporter Zweli Dlamini, also from Ingwazi.

According to the Weekend Observer, the a newspaper in effect owned by King Mswati III, sub-Saharan Africa’s last absolute monarch, the pastors were exposed on a talk show broadcast on Channel S.

The newspaper reports that the pastors ‘met behind closed doors’ and they decided ‘that the journalists be assassinated for “meddling into our business”’.

This is not the first time Christian leaders in Swaziland have called for journalists they do not like to die.

In 2007 Pastor Justice Dlamini, a well known pastor and media figure, said he was praying for the death of two journalists from the Times of Swaziland after that newspaper published a report about Dlamini and an argument he had with another pastor about a clapped out car owned by Dlamini’s church.

I am happy to report that Pastor Justice’s prayers did not work and he just made a complete fool of himself.

I hope this latest case of Pastor Power proves to be just as ridiculous.

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