Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Trigger happy Swazi policeman have shot dead a man and critically wounded another in the latest example of a shoot-to-kill policy.

This time police shot at a car that failed to stop when they instructed.

Police opened fire and two men were shot in the head. One died and the other has critical wounds and is paralysed in hospital.

Media reports from Swaziland are (as usual) incomplete and confused but the basic facts seem to be that a Toyota car failed to stop when instructed by police at Motshane on Sunday morning (17 January 2010) while it was on the way to a church service.

Police shot at the fleeing car which had three occupants. The two men were hit by bullets and the driver later abandoned the car and escaped, but was later captured by police. He later escaped from magistrates’ court and is currently on the run.

Relatives of Roy Mkhondvo, the man who died, said doctors at the Mbabane Government Hospital showed them the bullet which was planted inside the dead man’s skull.

This shooting is the latest in a long line of killings by Swaziland police. There is mounting evidence that police gunned down three robbery suspects, killing them in cold blood.

They were said to have been trying to break into a building at Sidvokodvo Valley Farm.

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