Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One of the soldiers at the centre of the cold blooded shooting of two unarmed civilians has been boasting that he killed one of them – a woman - to shut her up.

He also says that killing people is no longer an issue for him as he has now killed eight civilians in total.

The news is just one in a string of revelations about how out of control the Swaziland Army are. Complaints about the way soldiers disregard the law of the land go right the way to the top army commander.

The Swazi News, an independent newspaper in Swaziland, reports that one of the soldiers ‘was recently bragging in one social gathering where he told anyone who cared to listen that the woman was shot because she was a loud mouth and was threatening their jobs, so the best thing to do was to eliminate her.

‘The soldier went on to brag that killing people was no longer an issue to him because he has killed eight people in a similar fashion.’

The Swazi News reports from family sources that Thabiso Fakudze (26) was heavily beaten before he was shot.

‘This was despite that he was not resisting arrest or a threat to the soldiers. Swazi News was told how the soldiers were angered by Lucia Dlamini’s utterances; a wife to Makholweni chief’s inner council in Manzini, she is said to have told the soldiers that their conduct was unprofessional. She was said to have objected to the way they beat Thabiso and later shot him’.

The two were shot during an alleged attempt to cross the Swaziland South Africa border with a stolen Toyota Quantum kombi.

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