Monday, December 15, 2008


I wrote in May 2008 that Swaziland King Mswati III’s eldest daughter Princess Sikhanyiso has been named one of the world’s most talked about royals by Forbes.

Now some kind soul has shared with us a short film that Forbes made about the girl who claims she is ‘an ambassador for Africa’.

In an interview published on the Internet site YouTube, she says she is a rebel because she pursues what she wants against all the odds.

She says she is completely honest about who she is. She is one of the king’s 22 children.

Close followers of the princess will be delighted to know that she entertains the television viewers with one of her raps. She also talks in some detail about her love of clothes and her 3,600 dollar boots. [Reality check: in Swaziland 70 per cent of the population live in abject poverty earning less than one dollar a day.]

Princess Sikhanyiso concludes, ‘The best thing about being royal is getting anything you want.’

The princess may come to regret her television appearance if the comments left by viewers to YouTube are anything to go by. As one contributor puts it, ‘one day she will look back on this with great shame and regret ... however, unlike the rest of us - her period of stupidity and ignorance is being documented and broadcast to the entire world’.

To see the clip click below or go to this link.

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