Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Swaziland public service unions call national strike to march on government

Public service unions across Swaziland / eSwatini plan a nationwide strike against government.

They intend to march and deliver petitions to a number of government ministries. It is due to take place on Wednesday (26 June 2019).

Four public service unions have joined forces, they are the National Public Service and Allied Workers Union (NAPSAWU), Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT), Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union (SWADNU) and the Swaziland Government Accountants Personnel (SNAGAP).

One of the matters the union wants sorted is the shortage of medicines at public hospitals and clinics. The government, which is not elected but handpicked by absolute monarch King Mswati III, is broke and has not paid suppliers.

SNAT Secretary General Sikelela Dlamini told the Swazi Observer that the shortage was so bad that people had died as a result.

Members of the SWADNU already plan to march on Friday (21 June 2019) over the issue of healthcare.

Workers have been campaigning for the past two years for cost of living salary increases of 6.5 percent. The government offered zero percent. Unions say inflation in Swaziland has risen by 14.5 percent over the past two years.

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