Monday, April 8, 2019

Senior Prince says those who plot against Swaziland’s unelected Prime Minister will die

People who plot against the Swaziland / eSwatini Prime Minister who was not elected to office but personally appointed by absolute monarch King Mswati III will die, the King’s newspaper reported.
The Swazi Observer reported (7 April 2019)a senior member of the Royal Family and a traditional leader separately made the prediction.

The newspaper which is in effect owned by the King and has been called a  ‘pure propaganda machine for the royal family’ by the Media Institute of Southern Africa reported, Senior Prince Masitsela and Themba Ginindza, ‘have prophesied that anyone who will work against Prime Minister (PM) Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini will die.’ 

They both made their comments during a thanksgiving ceremony for the PM, at the Soweto Church of the Nazarene, Mbekelweni.

It was attended by members of the royal family, government ministers, Members of Parliament, senators, private sector bosses, prominent individuals and members of the public.

The Observer reported Ginindza told the gathering PM Dlamini had been appointed by God. 

It added, ‘Ginindza said as it was depicted in biblical verses, anyone who worked against the PM would die and warned that there should be no one doing bad against the PM as he was appointed by God through prayer.’

The Observer reported, ‘He emphasised that the PM was anointed by God so the day government officials start doing things against him (PM), they would die just like those who died in the Bible.’

The Observer reported the King’s elder brother Prince Masitsela, who is 88 years old, ‘also reiterated that those who plot ill against the PM would die’.

The newspaper added, ‘The prince expressed his belief that the appointment of the PM was not a mistake, and was a signal that God has taken over the country.’

Prime Ministers in Swaziland are not elected by the people but appointed by King Mswati, who rules as an absolute monarch. He also appoints cabinet ministers and top civil servants and judges. Political parties are banned from taking part in elections and although some members of the House of Assembly are elected by the people no members of the Swaziland Senate are.

Just before he appointed Ambrose Dlamini PM in October 2018 King Mswati told a meeting of the kingdom’s ‘People’s Parliament’ he had been visited by angels who told him whom he should choose for the office.

King Mswati and his supporters have in the past said the King has a direct line to God.

In 2013, African Eye News Service reported Prince Masitsela said that God had given the royal family authority to rule over other Swazi clans. ‘The Dlaminis are closer to God,’ he said.

In 2011, the King said God spoke to him through a TV remote control. It happened at the Lozitha Palace, near Mbabane. At the time the King told his subjects about his ‘miraculous experience’.

The Times of Swaziland reported in October 2011, ‘His Majesty saw a miracle yesterday when he was preparing a sermon [to preach to a group of evangelical Christians.] The King said a remote control lay at the centre of a coffee table but something mysteriously brought it down.

‘He said there was no person or wind that could have brought it down.  The King said he realised that God was with him.  It was Him who brought the remote control down.’

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