Thursday, May 4, 2017


Swaziland is world’s most unequal country
Kenworthy News Media, 4 May 2017
 According to a new briefing paper, published by British charitable organization, Oxfam, Swaziland is the world’s most unequal country, followed by Nigeria, Namibia and South Africa, writes Kenworthy News Media.

The Oxfam briefing paper says that Swaziland has become the world’s most unequal country, because of a “very poor mix of policies.” Swaziland’s “government has failed to put measures in place to tackle inequality, with poor scores for social and progressive taxation, and a poor record on labour rights,” the paper concludes.

Seven of the world’s most unequal countries are in Africa.

Swaziland is an absolute monarchy where King Mswai III has banned political parties, appoints the government, several parliament members, much of the senate and the judges. He also controls the country’s economy and most of the land.

Harsh anti-terror laws are in place, which deems offences such as chanting a political slogan or wearing a political t-shirt an act of terrorism that carry heavy prison sentences.

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