Thursday, April 13, 2017


Prison officers in Swaziland are against allowing prisoners to enjoy ‘conjugal rights’ with their married partners.

One staff association leader said it could end with them killing one another prisoner killing his wife.

The Correctional Services Staff Association told a Swazi Senate meeting that officers ‘cannot bear the thought of  watching prisoners enjoying passionate moments with their spouses’.

The Times of Swaziland, the only independent newspaper in the kingdom, reported on Wednesday (12 April 2017) that prison officers rejected a provision of the Correctional Services Bill No.2 of 2015.

The association’s Secretary General Mzwandile Dlamini told the Senate Portfolio Committee workshop that warders had a duty of ensuring security at local rehabilitation facilities and could not allow prisoners to have ‘passionate fun’ with their spouses.

The Times reported Dlamini saying, ‘Since our job is to ensure security, we normally monitor and watch when relatives visit and chat with prisoners. But we cannot then watch them when they have sexual intercourse because this would be invading their privacy.’

He added, ‘Imagine allowing a couple to enjoy themselves and then you come back and discover that things ended badly with one killing the other. It is possible that while you think they are enjoying themselves they could be actually fighting, which would leave one dead.’

Senator Chief Mvimbi told the meeting it did not make sense that a man would spend over 20 years in prison without being allowed the opportunity to make babies with his wife.

The Times reported him saying, ‘Some prisoners even have more than three wives and it is their duty to satisfy them sexually and make babies with them.’

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