Tuesday, December 27, 2011


New book, Unheard Voices: Media Freedom and Censorship in Swaziland by Richard Rooney, FREE – available online here. Read online or download to your computer to print it out.

Unheard Voices, Media Freedom and Censorship in Swaziland - Richard Rooney


Mandla Maseko waMgazi said...

I am unable to withstand the suffering poverty stricken condition that people in swaziland are suppose withstand i fail to understand it Why they dont derseve this it is totaly unfair Mswati and his regime must go Power must shift to Politicians a democratic rule must be installed we can not wait further more this must happen now
Mandla Maseko waMgazi

mandla said...

in 2012 let us unite once more and strategize no we need to work together chiefs indunas labour representatives trade unions politicians we need to come together forget our differences and work towards a goal common to all of us freedom for all Swaziland
if we do that then we are sure to succeed in Our endevours do not give up my brothers victory is certain the light is at the end of the channel there will be percecutions detention without trial but let those who do carry out those inhumane act on innocent marchers know that we are winning the fight and they will have to withstand Trial for all attrocities they commited

Mandla Maseko waMgazi