Tuesday, August 30, 2011


People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO)


30 August 2011


PUDEMO has always maintained that the regime is feeding the world poison when it claims that the people of Swaziland do not want political parties.

At the time Swaziland was preparing for independence in 1968 there were at least six active parties. Since the banning of political parties in 1973, fifteen political parties have been established in defiance of this law. This year alone two parties have been established. Our sources inform us that a new one is likely to be formed on the 3rd of September. We welcome this because it strengthens our case for demanding the unbanning of political parties and the return of all political exiles.

The picture demonstrated is that of a people yearning for multiparty democracy. The world must not be misled by the Mswati regime.

The Country is facing a crisis all round:

The university has been closed indefinitely due to shortage of money

Public servants are retrenched

The king is demanding a commission of a quarter of the bailout Swaziland got from South Africa

Already, there are strong indications that the bailout will not be used for what it was intended for.

We will continue to engage all authorities engaged on the Swazi bailout saga using all channels available to us an organisation. While we have indicated our anger we will not resort to public insults. We will follow the right channels.

PUDEMO calls on everyone to intensify the call for democracy in Swaziland. All our allies around the world must engage in activities in their countries to raise the issues of Swaziland. We will be on the streets with our internal allies and partners in the Global week of action starting 5 September.

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