Friday, February 25, 2011


The recent uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya have fascinated many within the pro-democracy groups in Swaziland. By the same token, the ruling regime has been rattled. In an undemocratic country like Swaziland, people have good reason to monitor what is happening in the north and to – a large extent – even aspire to have the same courage and motivation as the revolutionaries. Given the mainstream media’s failure to adequately cover these events, Swazi citizens are turning to Facebook to find out the news – and plan their own uprising, Manqoba Nxumalo writes in the latest edition of Free African Media.

Mainstream media in Swaziland has not paid much attention to the uprisings in the north, let alone pointed out the lessons to be learnt, not just by the present regime in the country, but also similar by dictators all over the continent. In fact, it has been conspicuously silent on updating the Swazi nation on what is happening in north Africa.

Nxumalo explores the rise of social media in Swaziland and its influence in galvanising people in Swaziland.

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