Thursday, May 20, 2010


Police may have forged vital evidence in the case of the death of Swaziland democracy activist Sipho Jele.

An official record book kept at the Manzini police station where Jele was taken after his arrest says that Jele was in good health.

The official record – called the RSP 3 book – says the entry was made by Constable David Tsabedze, but he told the inquest into the death of Jele that he never made the entry.

This led to Attorney Leo Gama concluding that Tsabedze never made such entries and left the space vacant, but when the police heard that there was to be an inquest into the matter, someone filled up those spaces without telling Tsabedze.

Jele was later transferred to the Sidvwashini correctional facility where he was found dead. Police and prison authorities claim Jele committed suicide by hanging himself with a blanket.

Police claim that when Jele left their custody he was in good health.

The inquest continues.

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